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Are you struggling with an unplanned pregnancy? Perhaps you’re not even sure you’re pregnant. Birthright exists to give you the right answers at just the right time. Visit us for a free and confidential pregnancy consultation. We’ll do a free pregnancy test and talk about your options. No judgment, no preaching, and no lectures. Just you and a client advocate seeking answers for your future. We believe your hidden potential is about to shine!

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Dating Your Pregnancy

Sometimes a positive pregnancy test isn't enough information to make a confident decision about your unplanned pregnancy. If you need to know how far along you are, we can help with that. Occasionally, that requires an ultrasound, and we can help make arrangements for that too.

Pregnancy Testing

Don't wait and wonder. Stop in for your free and confidential pregnancy test and consultation. Ours is the most sensitive, accurate urine pregnancy test available, and you'll get your results in five minutes. Then, you and your client advocate can talk about the test results and your options.

Abortion Alternatives

Are you considering abortion for your unplanned pregnancy? Make an informed and confident decision. You have options, and we can discuss what each one would look like in your situation.

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