Are You Exploring Your Options?

Birthright is here to help women with unplanned pregnancies in the greater Atlanta, GA area. We help pregnant women find solutions to difficult situations. Adoption is one option for your unplanned pregnancy.

What Does Adoption Look Like?

Ultimately, that depends on you–because it is you who designs your adoption plan.  We can help you explore what that option might look like in your particular circumstances.

How We Can Help

We offer extensive pregnancy counseling and assistance services. If you are exploring pregnancy options, we invite you to call us and explore all we have to offer, including abortion alternatives.

Our team at Birthright of Atlanta can assist you with medical, legal, employment, adoption, and housing referrals. We provide the help you need to overcome the challenges you are facing.

Your Next Step

Birthright of Atlanta is a pregnancy center, offering women who are facing challenging or unplanned pregnancies a variety of services–from free pregnancy tests to abortion alternatives.

Call 770-451-2273.  We’ll listen to you and address your questions and concerns.  Our Helpline answers 24/7–we’re here when you need us.