pregnant woman

Is your head still spinning from a positive pregnancy test? Thinking about sharing the news with your friends and family, especially your parents, can cause even more panic for some women. 

Your feelings are valid, but you can do hard things. So take a deep breath, and let the tips below guide you as you plan to share your pregnancy news with your parents.

Choosing The Right Time

You might feel tempted to keep putting off telling your parents you’re pregnant, but in cases of an unexpected pregnancy, sooner is usually better. 

Sharing the news early in your pregnancy will allow you to explore the options available through a lens of support. Walking through an unplanned pregnancy is not easy, but knowing if you have the support of your parents or not can bring clarity to how you move forward. 

Have a Plan In Mind 

Formulating a plan before sharing the news can bring peace of mind. Are you thinking about an abortion? Maybe you’re considering making an adoption plan. What about parenting? If you’re unsure how to move forward, Birthright of Atlanta is here for you.

Our center offers free services such as pregnancy confirmation, ultrasound information, and a friendly environment where you can learn about all the options. 

You have a decision to make about your future, and getting crucial information before telling your parents about the pregnancy can make the conversation much more manageable. 

Bring A Friend Or Your Partner With You

If you’re unsure how your parents will react to the news of your pregnancy, it may help to ask a close friend to join you. Emotions can quickly escalate, and having a friend there to help diffuse any anger or intense emotions can boost the confidence needed to share your news. 

If you think there is a chance your parents might become violent, choose a public place for the conversation.

Give Them Time To Process

Learning about an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult for parents to process. They may yell and say unkind words in the heat of the moment, but giving them time to process will allow them the space to change their attitude. 

Next Steps

If you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, making an appointment with Birthright of Atlanta is the next best step. 

We understand this is a confusing time, but we’re here to make it a little easier. Give us a call today at 770-451-2273.