pregnant woman

Walking into the holiday season with an unexpected pregnancy can be complicated. If you have not shared your pregnancy news, family gatherings and social parties can be plagued with worries and challenging conversations. 

Having a game plan ahead of time can help you feel more empowered and able to enjoy the holidays. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate Thanksgiving and Christmas events with your friends and family.

Set Boundaries

Start by acknowledging this is your pregnancy, and the details you decide to share with family and friends are entirely up to you. Practice a graceful reply beforehand when your family asks intimate and probing questions. 

Never lay down your peace and allow someone to force you into a conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Uncertainty is ‘OK’ 

If you’ve already begun to show, you may have people questioning your future plans. When are you due? Are you keeping the baby? How will you support a child? These are heavy questions, and it’s normal not to have all the answers. 

A simple answer of “I don’t know yet” is all you need to say. Remember, you are brave and strong and have already overcome a lot in your pregnancy journey. 

Practice Self-Care 

Pregnancy can be very physically demanding, especially during the holidays. Prioritize the gatherings and activities that you love and are life-giving. Don’t feel like you have to accept every invitation. 

If you become sick during an event, you can always graciously say your goodbyes without explaining why you’re leaving. 

Enjoy the Season

Don’t let an unexpected pregnancy rob you of joy this holiday season. Take a deep breath, enjoy a nature walk with someone you love, or invite a friend to bake holiday cookies. 

If you want more advice or support during the holidays, contact Birthright of Atlanta at 770-451-2273. 

Our friendly staff will provide honest answers to any questions you might have about your pregnancy. You got this!