I Don’t Want Another Abortion

Have you experienced a traumatic abortion in the past? Are you currently navigating an unexpected pregnancy and hoping to avoid another abortion? 

You Have Options

Most women jump to the conclusion that an abortion is the only solution to their unwanted pregnancy. But that’s simply not true. If you’re open to exploring the alternatives available, our staff at Birthright of Atlanta is here to answer your questions


Making plans for an adoption can bring a sense of relief and freedom for some women. Once the pregnancy is complete, women who choose adoption are free to live the life they want again. 

For some women, the thought of adoption seems scary. But rest assured; the adoption process is very carefully vetted. 

Couples who apply for adoption go through a rigorous process of submitting health records, family history, and background checks, which also include sexual and criminal checks.

One of the most rewarding parts of choosing adoption is the fact that birth mothers get to choose the family who will raise their child. Birth mothers also have the choice to partake in an open adoption which allows her to remain a part of the child’s life as he/she grows. 


Choosing to embrace parenting after an accidental pregnancy may seem daunting at first, but every mother in the world has felt that same fear. 

At Birthright of Atlanta, expectant mothers can get help with securing prenatal care, budgeting assistance, and online classes to help them feel confident as a mom.

Parenting isn’t easy, but it can be one of the most rewarding things a woman ever experiences. 

Choosing What’s Best For You

You should never feel pressured by anyone to make a decision that impacts your own life. If you have questions about which choice is right for you, Birthright of Atlanta is a safe space. 

Our counselors are ready to take this journey alongside you and support you in whatever way we can. When you’re ready to take the first step, call 770-451-2273 to make an appointment. You can do hard things. We’re cheering for you!