pregnant woman with abusive partner

Living with an abusive partner is frightening. Add an unplanned pregnancy into the mix, and the anxiety can feel almost too much to bear.

If this is your situation, know you are not alone. Below are a few ways to safely navigate your pregnancy while living with an abusive partner.  

Prioritize Your Safety

Your safety and the safety of your unborn child are the highest priority. If at any point you feel that your life is in danger, leave the situation and seek help immediately. 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 by calling 800-799-7233. You should always call 911 in an emergency and seek a safer environment.

Confiding in a close friend or family member about your abusive partner can help shoulder the emotional burden. It can also provide an easy safe haven to run to should you need to spend the night away from home. 

Will The Abuse Get Worse?

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology, more than 320,000 women are abused by their partners during pregnancy each year. 

If your partner was abusive before you became pregnant, you should know that, in some cases, the frequency and intensity of abusive behavior can get worse during pregnancy. 

This can be caused by jealousy, changes in life or relationships, or the added financial stress of pregnancy. 

Where Can I Find Help?

Birthright of Atlanta is a safe place to ask questions and get the help and guidance you deserve. Our services include free pregnancy tests, extensive counseling, and educational support to empower you during your pregnancy journey.

If you are seeking help in leaving your abusive situation, our center can also offer referrals for legal, medical, and housing aid. 
Give Birthright of Atlanta a call at 770-451-2273. You can also message us on our website. You don’t have to live in fear; help is just one call or message away.