boyfriend curious about unplanned pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy complicates life for not only the woman experiencing one but her partner as well. While men do not undergo the physical stages of pregnancy, fearing the future and feeling confused about how to move forward are common for both men and women.

If that’s your current situation, you’ll find a few ways men can support their partners during an unplanned pregnancy below. Taking steps to figure out the future together is key. 

Pause and Take a Breath

Have you heard the saying, ‘People make bad choices when they’re mad, scared or stressed’? It’s true. One of the best things you and your partner can do is take some time to let the shock of an unplanned pregnancy settle. 

Give your emotions a minute to settle, and then you’ll be better equipped to make a successful plan of action. 

Make A Plan 

The final decision regarding an unplanned pregnancy is ultimately up to your partner. However, as a man, it’s very important to educate yourself on the options available so you can speak confidently when your partner asks for your input. 

Research abortion options and side effects, look into the adoption process, and find a good local center that offers parenting classes. 

You can also encourage your partner to check off important tasks before making the final decision about her pregnancy. 

Know The Pregnancy Details

Does she know how far along she is in her pregnancy? Assistance is available if she needs help in dating it. 

Test For STDs

Did you know many women infected with an STD have no symptoms? Having an STD can complicate your partner’s pregnancy and also cause harm to her body down the road. 

Finding a local medical provider that offers no-cost STD testing is a task men can complete and encourage their partners to be tested. 

Next Steps

Birthright of Atlanta exists to help women and their partners struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Our client advocates will answer all your questions in a confidential and judgment-free environment. 

Appointments are always free and available Monday–Friday. Contact us to confirm a consultation. 

No one should have to struggle with an unplanned pregnancy alone. Answers are out there, and help is available.