Will My Insurance Pay For My Girlfriend’s Abortion?

Looking for a way to support your girlfriend through an accidental pregnancy? We get it. Experiencing a crisis pregnancy is hard and while you may not be impacted physically from the pregnancy, partners are often involved emotionally. 

If you and your girlfriend are still figuring out how to move forward, learning about abortion options and cost is probably on your radar.

In this article we’ll break down what you can expect to pay for an abortion and if your insurance can help cover the bill. 

How Much Does An Abortion Cost?

The cost of an abortion varies depending on which method is chosen. Women who desire to terminate their pregnancy have the option between a medical or surgical abortion. 

Medical Abortion Costs

A medical abortion is designed to terminate a pregnancy no more than 10 weeks gestation. Commonly referred to as the abortion pill, a medical abortion costs between $300-800. 

Surgical Abortion Costs

If your girlfriend is more than 10 weeks along in her pregnancy, she will most likely need a surgical abortion. 

Surgical abortions are a bit more complicated as women must visit a clinic or hospital for the procedure. You can expect to pay anywhere from $600-$2,100 for a surgical abortion. 

Can My Insurance Pay For My Girlfriend’s Abortion?

If your girlfriend does not have health insurance, you may be wondering if your insurance can help cover the costs. 

While insurance coverages can vary slightly company to company, most do not provide coverage for partners or girlfriends. 

Insurance companies extend coverage only to marital spouses, documented domestic partners, and dependents, such as children. 

Where Can We Find Abortion Alternatives?

Birthright of Atlanta is here to support women and their partners as they navigate an unexpected pregnancy. Our center offers no cost services, including lab-quality pregnancy tests, support, and classes.

When you’re ready, appointments can be scheduled by calling 770-451-2273 or emailing birthright.atl@gmail.com. Appointments are always confidential. 

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